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General guidance on the CARES Act

Posted by Admin Posted on Apr 03 2020

To Our Clients & Colleagues:


There has been a lot of information released and more yet to be, regarding the key pieces of financial stimulus, the CARES Act and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Through our professional networks we have done our best to collect this information in a way that provides meaningful direction. We will continue to modify and update ourselves with specific information as it becomes available.


The concern and uncertainty everyone is experiencing is wide spread and warranted. Personally, my days are full of a roller coaster of emotions, thoughts, good and bad plans. I try and keep the bad ones to myself. Its not my thought that our information or understanding of any of this is somehow profound or authoritative, but more so our sincere effort to provide guidance and normalcy letting our clients, colleagues and community know that we’re in your corner. If there’s any way we can assist or even be a sounding board please feel free to get in touch.


A particular client and friend of mine jokingly have a rule, “Today I call you for humor, tomorrow you call me and don’t mix up the days.”



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