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About Business Advisory


Business advisory services provided by Parker Consultants and Accountants, PLLC will offer access to:

  • Experienced business architects
  • Strategic, operational & personal advice
  • An independent sounding board
  • Best management & consulting solutions


The benefits

  • Build a strong management team
  • Build business value
  • Build a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Improve work/life balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your probability of success
  • Improve your business efficiency
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Systemize your business 



Small is beautiful.  Just ask anyone who has worked in a big corporate environment.  Small, independent businesses offer fantastic advantages – including greater flexibility, an entrepreneurial environment and often, closer more personal relationships.  However, along with these advantages come a different set of needs and challenges. 

One of the biggest is not being able to step back from the day-to-day management of their business to see the broader issues facing their organization.  Owner-managers are immersed in their business and are often too close to the problems they are meant to be solving.

Around the world small, medium and emerging growth companies are looking for clear directions to keep their businesses on track.  Short-term cost reductions and productivity improvements are not enough to satisfy the challenges facing Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  SMEs need help in today’s competitive market.  And their needs are many – from getting their strategy right, to managing their people to improving their profitability and cash flow.

We are a team of experienced independent advisors who have aligned our expertise to create a trusted advisory board "for hire".

You may not have the time or resources to develop tools, methodologies, marketing collateral and management systems to run your organization.  So how can growing enterprises acquire the sophisticated resources employed by large companies?  Through the Parker Consultants and Accountants, PLLC team you gain access to an experienced independent professional advisory board capable of leveraging its advice through a myriad of professional associations and relationships.

Many advisors rely on expertise and experience, with a somewhat limited reliance on tools and methodologies.  At Parker Consultants and Accountants, PLLC we go further by leveraging new technologies and access to the latest intellectual capital to provide an appropriate level of support.

Our firm is a member of RAN ONE – and international group of business growth advisors, and we have a very different approach to helping business owners build a more successful business.  In particular, we have a Business Coaching System that can make a significant difference in the profitability and value of your business.  We can assist you by taking an advisory role to help you jump-start your business growth and focus on value creation.

The RAN ONE Business Coaching System is a turnkey process that starts with personal goal setting and moves through developing the business strategy, monitoring & reporting, performance improvement and team building. 

A sampling of our offerings include comprehensive strategic and operational services that encompasses all areas of your business:

  • Strategic Advisory Services Encompass:
    • Vision
    • Strategy
    • Structure
    • Culture
  • Operational Advisory Services Encompass:
    • Products & Services
    • Marketing & Sales
    • People
    • Systems & Processes
    • Finance
  • Business Diagnostic Services
  • Business Getting Results Training
  • Customer Diagnostic Services
  • Effective Financial Management Services
  • Personal Goal Setting Services
  • People Development Services
  • Team Diagnostic Services
  • Strategic Development Services
  • And many more services tailored to specific needs

The value of any business strategy depends on its level of implementation.  Monitoring & Reporting is at the heart of our RAN ONE based Business Coaching System.  It offers a combination of financial and non-financial information that we use to help you keep your business on strategy and if an issue does arise, to take corrective action to get the business back on track.

Many small businesses are too dependent on the owner, which often limits value, creates stress and limits business growth.  One of the most powerful elements of our RAN ONE Business Coaching System is the emphasis on TEAM development.   A strong team is essential if you want to fully realize your investment, especially if you desire to ensure its ongoing success when you eventually transition out of the business.