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While the CFO is charged with strategic initiatives to help make an enterprise more valuable; the internal Controller’s responsibility, as head of the accounting department, is to maintain and manage the books and records of the business - - looking back at historical data that has already been generated.  This includes periodic end of period closings of the books and the PREPARATION of:


·         Financial statements,
·         Management reports,
·         Budgets and financial plans, and
·         Project cash flow projections.


And to MAINTAIN established:


·         Policies and procedures,
·         Performance measures, and
·         Internal controls.


At Parker Consultants and Accountants, PLLC we are a full service accounting firm that routinely provides outsourced controller level services as associated with financial reporting services as established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  Management is responsible for maintaining policies and procedures, performance measures and internal controls.